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This is a sick mix I made in the summer of 2010. It very much represents my feelings and emotions at the time. I mixed this on my turntables [YAY for VINYL!] This is a new theme and I always experiment with new styles and techniques. I used some pretty cool breakdown effects and reverbs/delay FX especially on the dubstep and progressive house [about halfway through.] I started this mix with a Hip Hop instrumental and mixed that with some NasTY DUbStEp! I love to try new things and i really like that instrumental. This mix was two uncompleted mixes (too short) so i mixed them together and here we have this. ;) I also put of Reggae/Dub/Dnb songs in here cuz i like the low Bass and overall atmospheric sound. I love melodies thats always the most rememberable part. But you all know i love my BASS. So there is some dirty dirty dubstep in here and also the chiller melodic dub. I hope you BUMP out to this one, its quite different, I love to mix all kinds of music and soundscapes. As always i deliver music to make you get up!


I hope everybody likes this mix, TURN IT UP!

Release date: Aug 27th, 2010 

Year: 2010 (NEW RELEASE)

Genre/Style Description: Electro/Electro-House/Hip Hop/Rap/Dubstep/Reggae_DUB/Fidget House/Tech House/Drum&Bass/Rhythmic/Melodic [FLOWSTEP]